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20.5.1 unstable even with Xbox apps

Question asked by wim-bart on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by amdmatt

Installed 20.5.1 with factory reset.



  • Powercolor Red Devil 5700 XT (latest BIOS)
  • 2 x AOC AGON 1440p/144Hz monitor with freesync (dual scereen)
  • Ryzen R9 3900X
  • ASUS x570 PRIME PRO (latest BIOS)
  • Corsair H100i V2 cooling
  • 4x Corsair SP120
  • Corsair MP600 1TB NVME at PCIe 4.0
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2004


Crashing during:

  • World Planet Online
  • World of Tanks (HD)
  • Normal usage  like Chrome and Edge


Other Issues:

  • After game crash and drivers resetting, GPU load is @ 100% in Radion Software
  • After Game Crash Clocks go beyond 2000Mhz and power goes to 175 Watt's
  • After Game Crash, system needs to be rebooted twice to get all USB running again.


Roll back:

  • Not possible due to losing game profiles