Memory clock stuck when 2 display are connected

Discussion created by javierabadie on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by gastovsky

That's the problem. A very long time problem without solution. 


I have my monitor displayport (1080p 75 Hz)  and mi TV by HDMI (1080p 60 Hz). When I disconnect one of the screens the clocks go down to 300/300 MHz. But when I connect the 2 screens then the memory clock go up to the max. The result? 25º degrees more in iddle. 


Temps: 29/30º iddle with 1 screen

             55/56 iddle with 2 screens


GPU: MSI RX 570 Armor 4 GB (but happen with all AMD GPU's) 


Please AMD fix that. Work harder or change your drivers developers