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Discussion created by melirius on May 31, 2020
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Finally I made a minimal reproducing example of a bug in OpenCL compilers for Thaiti in Adrenalin Win10 x64 drivers (tested on two workstations with 19.12.2, 20.1.1 and 20.5.1 drivers with -O0 and -O5). Kernel is attached (it is a part of my realization of improved iterative Gauss-Seidel WDK-method for complex polynomial roots finding). As is, it gives wrong result for poly and its parts poly1 and poly2:


l=0, poly=0.0768369+0.00147968i, prod=13+6.62408e-17i, tau=-0.999259-0.0385005i
poly1=-8.84608e-18+1.99574i, poly2=0.0768369-1.99426i

Changing 1 to 2 in the loop upper limit miraculously gives the right result:

l=0, poly=-1.11022e-16+0i, prod=13+6.62408e-17i, tau=-0.999259-0.0385005i
poly1=0.997775+0.0192146i, poly2=-0.997775-0.0192146i

Another small changes in the code switch right and wrong results in a seemingly random way. For example, commenting out third line of output in printf here gives always right results, but when line of initial code

z[l] -= cdiv(poly, prod);

is added before printf, result starts to be consistently wrong even without printf.

On my old laptop with 15.200.1065.0 drivers this bug is absent.

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