If i don't downclock my gpu it crash

Discussion created by tharvenom on May 31, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by scarletshiro

Hello everyone, i have having issues with my gpu (Rx590) for a long time, for exemple, when i'm playing games, if i'm at normal clock, after a certain time, screens will turn blacks saying no signal, gpu fans's will go to 100% but i'll still have game sound, and peripherals working for a short time (30s-1min). The solution, that isn't really a solution i found is to downclock by 5% my GPU with Radeon software and increasing power limit to 50%, but for me it's not a solution, because i'm losing perf. 

So if someone had the same issue, or have an idea to solve this, i love you !

Thx for reading ! 

My specs : MB : Aorus B450m

Memory : 2x8gb Ballistix 2666mhz

GPU : Rx590 gigabyte

PSU : Seasonic 620w bronze

good airflow with my TD500 cooler master case with 3 extra fans