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Rx 5700 XT Black screen fixed but games/video still freeze

Question asked by arras on May 31, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by vasilisk

Been dealing with the black screen issue since January and in a recent driver update, the black screen issue had been fixed.  Lately, though, in games and videos (movies, youtube, etc) the video will just freeze and the system is only slightly responsive - I can open up task manager or do a restart, but it'll never restart.  Always have to do a hard shut down.


Lately, it's been getting worse.  It had been a random issue, sometimes I could go hours and hours gaming and watching YouTube with no issues and other times it would lock constantly.  


I've done a fresh install of windows, run DDU and reinstalled the drivers.  Pretty much all the display options are disabled.  Event viewer doesn't show much, I've been trying to parse through it but there doesn't seem to be anything indicating a crash or what's causing the freezing.

Power supply doesn't show any issues, hardware was all purchased in December/January.  Temps are good


I am on Win10 2004 and have disabled Game Mode but that didn't seem to do very much