A8 R5 7410 Windows 10, problem with drivers.

Discussion created by azkanekozz on May 31, 2020
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Hi!, My laptop:

HP 15-af002ax

AMD A8-7410, with R5 graphics, 8gb RAM, new hdd. etc.


Years ago, when I bought this, it was runnning perfect.... But, when I updated it to Win 10 I never found a correct driver, because AMD lets always the old stuff in the basket.


I searched for specific APU driver, R5, A8, for desktop, for laptop, (the result is always the same mdf driver, it doesnt mather if you have an R7 580, or a 270, or an A4... ) AMD has One driver for 58 graphic cards.


The problem is that, the laptop is running awesome without AMD driver, but no videogames or has delay opening heavy things, like videos, youtube, etc etc... So, I need the graphic driver.... but when I try a driver, (I tryed like, 6 differents drivers, from 2015 to 2020, from AMD web site and from HP specific driver for THIS laptop), the screen is freeze for a second, then, 4 free seconds of fluid run, but then again, 1sec freeze, 3 Ok.


As this notebook has 2 graphics, I had to disable the 2nd one. the dedicated graphics, because when I do that, the computer still running like without drivers and alt least with that I can still searching another drivers to test, again, and again......


¿Any answer to that problem with this driver in windows 10?