It must be a cold day down there, because I bought an AMD laptop...Again...And it's a Lenovo!

Discussion created by black_zion on May 31, 2020
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Remember when I posted about the AMD powered Lenovo Ideapad Slim 7 in the thread Re: Chinese company Xiaomi launches AMD Renoir powered laptop range UNDER $700, but will anyone outside China get them? and how I posted in another thread I wouldn't buy an AMD laptop because of how us X370 users were being treated with Zen 3? Well...I bought one. Intel laptops under $1000 have too many compromises, chief among them is the lack of any kind of graphics. AMD laptops are rare under this price point with anything other than slow processors, and those which do have faster models either have garbage screens or garbage batteries.


Enter stage left, the IdeaPad Slim 7.

  • The only preinstalled software it has is the Lenovo Advantage Windows Store app, so there is no bloatware, even so I did a clean install with a Windows 10 1909 ISO and upgraded to Pro for $10, love the Covid-19 induced cheap key sales, grabbed Windows 10 Pro and Office Pro 2019 for $36 which people who read WCCFTech's stuff every day will have seen those deals too.
  • Lacks dedicated graphics, but the 4700U isn't exactly a slouch as far as integrated graphics go. It's not a 1080p60 max details laptop, but it is primarily an entertainment and productivity laptop. It's also locked to 512MB dedicated RAM and 3.7gb of shared RAM, which will hamper performance.
  • Has a 100% sRGB screen, and is definitely as good, if not better, than my former Surface Pro 3.
  • Has a giant battery, which, combined with the power sipping 4700U means that it has great battery life, especially in darker rooms with brightness at 10%. It also has a feature which caps the battery at 55-60% to extend battery lifetime if you use it primarily plugged in, since a LiON battery at 50-60% is under much less stress than at 100%.
  • Only has 8GB of RAM. It's fast RAM, LPDDR4X 4266, though.
  • 512GB SSD, and it is NVMe. There's also a MicroSD slot, though cards stick out slightly. AS SSD identifies it as a WDC PC SN730, and gets 1430/661 MB read/write sequential while on battery. Slower than WD rates it for, but then again it's rare that any drive in the real world matches its rating.


All in all it's a great laptop. It's currently sold out, but it's a rare combination of a fast AMD processor, great screen, great battery, and great storage for under $1000, actually under $900.