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Can't Use/Apply Custom Resolutions..?

Question asked by tesityr on May 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by pokester

Just wondering how I can actually "use" or apply the Custom Resolutions created in Radeon there... I created a Resolution (2560x1080), which is supported by the monitor (I used it on my old GPU) and yet I can't just click "APPLY" to 'use' the Resolution.

I saw it said that I would just have to pick the Resolution in Games, etc - but it does not show up in games or in the Windows Control Panel as a selectable Resolution. The games in question support the rez, as I used them with my old GPU (before this one), I also utilized the rez in Windows, before. 


Just in case, I checked for GPU driver Updates, hit/forced a Windows Update, Flashed my BIOS to the latest, both on the mainboard and on the GPU; but nothing has worked so far in allowing the custom resolution to be 'used'. 


Thanks for any ideas!