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New build - Ryzen 9 3900X blisteringly hot

Question asked by royale on May 30, 2020



I build a new rig yesterday comprising:

Ryzen 9 3900X (with stock cooler)

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus

32GB Corsair RAM (2x16)


Aerocool bronze 750W PSU

Geforce RTX 2070 Super

I have a case with a front fan intake and rear fan exhaust.


This was to replace an older rig, 4th gen i5/1050ti and spend some money before my baby arrives in 2 months time.


All seemed to be working well until I load up some games and the temperature progressively increases on the CPU to about 90 degrees celsius.


To be clear. On power on (from cold) CPU sits at about 50

After boot up from cold, in windows sits at about 65

With a game (consuming ~15% CPU) its now gradually increased from about 80 to 90 degrees.


I followed this advice, including bios update, chipset update, power AMD balanced, leaving factory defaults with only XMP enabled: 

No difference. Average core voltage is 1.3V at the moment.


I took it to bits, removed the cooler, which unfortunately for me had vacuumed itself to the CPU. A fair few minutes later, hands covered in thermal paste, both CPU and cooler were off.

I cleaned both up, applied some hydronaut I had re-seated the cooler.


Long story short, i'm back in Windows, on my game, working well, but Ryzen Master has my CPU temperature at 90+ degrees, tried a few different games, same issue, Cinebench also.


I've heard similar stories from other people with this motherboard and the other MSI X570-A PRO but i'd really like to tie down this problem before resorting to sending parts back/buying new parts.


Anyone else seen this? I did a quick search but alas, my findings were slim. 

If it's normal, wow, 90deg really?


See screenshot from Ryzen Master: 


UPDATE 31/05:

- Just purchased a Dark Rock Pro 4. It doesn't actually fit in the case but for the purpose of resolving this issue i'm willing to give it a try. It arrives tomorrow so I will update once installed.

- I tried the "Game Boost" option in BIOS today which took the processor to 4.15GHz standard but alas, when running Cinebench, it hit thermal cut-off, sooo I turned that off straight away.


UPDATE 01/06:

- Ordered an ASUS Prime X570-P motherboard after reading X570 Motherboard VRM Overview – der8auer ECC and watching Affordable X570 VRM Thermal Performance, Warning: One Board Sucks! - YouTube and Budget X570 VRM Thermal Performance, A Must Watch For Potential Buyers! - YouTube.

- Filed an RMA for the MSI board.

- Dark Rock Pro 4 arrived and I installed it. This has a massive impact on temperatures (albeit I had to keep the case open for this test - but that didn't help temperatures before.

Within my game of choice, where I used to hit 95 degrees, it now sits comfortably at about 66 degrees - it does require further testing, I was just excited to share my initial results, they look promising.


Running Cinebench, default BIOS with Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler:

After enabling MSI's "Game Boost" in BIOS, which took the CPU from 3.8GHz to 4.15GHz, I repeated the Cinebench test with Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler:

In both scenarios the PC now idles at around 38 degrees.


UPDATE 03/06:

- New motherboard arrived: ASUS Prime X570-P

- New larger case, Aerocool KLAW arrived

I've installed the new mobo, updated BIOS and chipset drivers, AMD balanced plan enabled, stock settings on the motherboard (apart from clocking the RAM to its 3200 setting).

The case has an exhaust fan on the rear and rear-top with two intake fans on the front.


Running idle for 15mins:

Running cinebench multiple times:

Running my game:


So this seems to have resolved my temperature issue, thanks to those who took the time to reply I've certainly gone away more knowledgeable than before!


To summarise, based on the research i've done and the advice here, i'd put the overheating down to the following:

  • Hot motherboard - The lower end MSI X570 boards (A-Pro and Gaming Plus) seem to get really hot under load. This I believe is the biggest factor in the high temperatures I was seeing, the rest of the points just added to it.
  • Stock cooler - In my original case, paired with the MSI board, it struggled to keep the CPU cool (albeit it's probably more difficult to cool anything if the motherboard is 100degC+), there is a question of whether given a non-MSI board and the stock cooler whether it would be fine, I would say probably if running default BIOS. The Dark Rock Pro 4 certainly made a huge difference even with the MSI board and made the system completely usable with default settings.
  • Compact case - The small case I had, whilst it did fit everything, cable management was poor, air flow was poor which just added to the problem.