Ryzen 5 1400 problems while gaming

Discussion created by turika on May 30, 2020



 I would like to ask if anybody with the same CPU had this problem.

So I'm playin CS:GO and to be able to play with "normal" fps and condition, I need to turn off the CPU0 in task manager -> affiliation menu.

Also need to use razer cortex to have some decent FPS.

If every CPU is checked i got like 30-60FPS with a big var.


Other games performs alos with bad fps (warzone, dying light etc.)


This problem came up after like 6 months or so after building this PC.

Is this a hardware issue ( I mean the cpu is faulty or other problem could be the issue? )

Yes I OC-d the cpu to 3.4Ghz, but even before this oc i had the same bad performance and this was the reason for OC.


Specs : 2x8GB ddr4 HyperX Fury Black ( 2666mhz yes i know this is not enough but shouldn't provide such a performance... )

1x SSd 120GB

1x HDD 250GB

MSI tomahawk b350

And stock cooler.



Thanks in advance