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RX570 cannot handle video editing in full screen

Question asked by garadir on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by garadir

4 weeks ago on my old 2Gb Nvidia GT730 and 16Gb RAM on a 19" monitor I could do what I do a lot - edit video - and do it in full screen .... Now, having put this MSI RX570 Armor graphics card in I can't.  I can only edit in a window no bigger than 30% of full screen or I get flicker and what looks like memory leakage. Any ideas?


I have a Ryzen 3 1200 system:

It's an ASUS motherboard but can't remember the model - (not been changed).

32Gb-PC3000 DDR4 (Corsair) RAM (just upgraded from HyperX 16Gb but experienced the issue on that too)

AMD/MSI 8Gb DDR5 RX570 Armor graphics (3x Display Port, 1 HDMI)

750W PSU (Upgraded from 600W)

Accumulative 5TB HDD (2 x 2TB SATA, 1 x 1TB SATA)

2 Dell SE2417HGX both on DP to HDMI at 75Hz (have tested 60Hz)

Radeon Software Version - 20.2.2

NO overclocking set, system defaults only across all components.


I've updated the system as it was deliberately missing Windows updates - now up-to-date

I've checked the drivers, (believed I'd rolled back the drivers but looking at the driver version above not so sure (wondering if a forced driver update has installed))

changed from gaming drivers to pro drivers (I don't do gaming, it's vid/photo editing, CAD and music creation so no hardship apart from the gaming dashboard is better beyond comparison as the pro software doesn't allow you to adjust a setting in it.  Sure there's some logic in there somewhere?)

As I was upgrading a spare PC too and had the DDR4 to check I've checked 3 sets of RAM of different speeds.

Turned OFF overclocking on the RAM to default so motherboard is not overclocked on any system.

To resolve overclocking issues on the 16Gb before upgrade and to try and resolve this the BIOS was flashed last week.


I've also tried different applications as I have 3 editing suites, same result on all.  I can playback/preview in 30% window but cannot do full screen at all.  Any ideas? 


I'm Regretting ever touching this card so far, the only thing it has improved is performance in Daz Studio which i do more of than the video editing.  If I can't sort this soon I'm going to have to switch back to NVidia.  For what I actually do, I didn't need to update anything, but so far I've pretty much built a new PC for this graphics card that after all that I can't use, literally wasted hundreds.  Very poor from AMD ....