XFX AMD Radeon™ RX 570 RS 8GB XXX Edition causing System Crash

Discussion created by wilkobaggins on May 30, 2020

Hi there! First time on the forums so I apologise if it's already been answered but I sadly cannot seem to find anything on it. I've recently upgraded my GPU from a 2GB NVidia GTX 960 to the XFX Radeon RX570 8GB and things were off to a rocky start, firstly my card was not detected by my Motherboard, this was solved by a reseating of the card and properly connecting the pins to power it, the second issue is that I didn't remove the old drivers in the correct way and I believe (not for certain) that it was interferring with "WattMan", as this was the message the AMD Software was giving me after my entire system just crashes, so I used Display Driver Uninstaller software to remove both sets of Drivers and try again, and this appears to have fixed my issue for the time being, I was able to play games like CS:GO and GTA V for a good few hours last night with great FPS and what appeared to be no issues, but this morning I've experienced a further 2 entire system crashes when I get about 10-15 minutes into a game. I've had the AMD Overlay open whilst I'm gaming to keep an eye on my Fan's RPM and current Temp and it all appears to be sat at normal levels, Temp around 50-70 degrees and the fans RPM adjusting accordingly which is great, but it still crashes my entire system whenever I try and play a game - Beyond the fixes I've found online about reinstalling the drivers properly and reseating the card out of ideas sadly, the next step I have is to register the warranty and send it back or claim a full refund which I really do not want to do. I've included a screenshot of my Speccy (Ignore the CPU Temp, it's entirely wrong, BIOS and CoreTemp both say it's around 30-40) and I hope the Speccy screenshot can give some indication as to why this card keeps crashing my system when I'm playing games - Thanks in advance!





I've just taken advise from a friend to reseat both my GPU and my RAM to see if the problem still persists, at the time of writing this I have no tested but Speccy STILL cannot identify my RAM