New build crashing on me and blue screens ryzen 5 3600 + 5700xt

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Hello everyone basically i did my first ever build just over a week ago and its been giving me blue screen crashes and random power offs like someone pulled the plug then it immediately restarts. the blue screen (video_tdr_failure) is code 117 from the reliability center. the power offs are code 141 (live kernel event) and it says hardware failure for both of them. There are also some critical errors saying windows has stopped working correctly. 


All build parts are from local microcenter, except the mobo is from a reputable ebay seller with good reviews.

Gigabyte B450 Auros Pro Wifi Mobo

Ryzen 5 3600 stock wraith cooler

Powercolor red dragon radeon 5700xt

Gskill ripjaws V 2x8gb 3600mhz. (on xmp profile)

Powerspec 650w 80+ gold psu

256 gb inland premium m.2 nvme SSd

2tb seagate barracuda HDD

Fractal design meshify C case



So in the last week or so its restarted randomly here and there. I did 5 hours of warzone one time and it was fine.. then I did 1 hour and it restarted. its like if someone just pulled the plug out the wall then put it back in. On top of that it had blue screened on me two or three times only while using google chrome but since i turned off hardware acceleration in google chrome it hasnt blue screened on me since (3 days now).


I ran memtest64 multiple times. Heavens benchmark multiple times. Cinebench multiple times. Aida 64 multiple times. It never once restarted or blue screened during any of these benchmarks and all temps and performance was normal.

I also had the pc plugged into a powerbrick along with monitor. i moved it to being directly into the wall. I also was told to put my pc into best performance mode. I have done both of these now and will run more tests today and play a lot of games tonight. I recently found out about occt. I downloaded that and ran all of its tests too. It passed all of them except one. It would crash on the VRAM test for my gpu. quite often too. not everytime, but relatively often. this was all things I did in the past couple days.


All of my temps for everything are totally fine also. I watch them with msi afterburner. and nothing is overclocked. I also reinstalled amd gpu drivers once already. but I didnt use ddu, i just heard of that recently. Ill try that again too the correct way i guess.


today I received a psu tester off amazon. this one > https://www.amazon.com/Computer-PC-Tester-Connectors-Enclosure/dp/B076CLNPPK/ref=pd_lpo_147_t_0/145-0378496-1706539?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B076CLNPPK&pd_rd_r=6e21bb61-0af2-4833-adfd-7f5c6cabb65e&pd_rd_w=Rwp3A&pd_rd_wg=NZxmT&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=G4KRD45D7TSD4Y3DFS3Q&psc=1&refRID=G4KRD45D7TSD4Y3DFS3Q


I took out my psu and hooked it up. Everything seems fine! all the voltages lined up with what it said it should be on the tester. all green lights and no beeping. which its supposed to do when something is wrong. So Im really leaning towards my gpu itself being bad, vram specifically i think.   or im having bad luck with amd drivers. it could also be an issue with windows ?  since i unplugged all the power supply cowards to test it and replugged them I also took out my gpu main red wire from the psu and replaced it with the other one they gave me in the packaging. Ive ran more tests today and even the vram one it hasnt crashed on yet. But im not sold. i think it will still crash by the end of the day. What else should I be looking at here? im kind of desperate at this point. lmk if u need any more info.


Ive seen two or three other people having issues very similar to this they could use the help too! I would really appreciate any input guys.