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I Suspect WX4100 causing bootlooping (pre-BIOS) on i7-4771, 32gbRAM, Z87x-D3h mobo.

Question asked by antony_gibson on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by fsadough

My Radeon Pro WX4100 has recently started sending system (i7 4771, Gigabyte Z87x-D3h, 32gb RAM) into a boot loop (pre-BIOS) when installed in any slot.


The card had been working for a month or so without any problems during use, however, ever since it was installed the computer it would cause the computer to begin booting, then after a few seconds shutdown and begin again completing a boot into Window10 successfully on the second go. It was a quirk that my previous card (Firepro V7900) never did, but I had read somewhere that it wasn't cause for concern, so I just ignored it (perhaps foolishly).


I am fairly certain that the problem does not lay anywhere else in the system since I have checked (in this order):

1. Removed and reseated all RAM

2. Removed and reseated the WX4100 card

3. Tried all available PCIE slots with WX4100

4. Disconnected all drives and non essential peripherals, then tried booting, still boot looped

5. Reset CMOS, still boot looped

6. Replaced CMOS battery, still boot looped

7. Removed and replaced old PSU (530W BeQuiet Purepower) for a brand new 500W BeQuiet Purepower 11, still boot looped


8. Removed WX4100 and booted from onboard Haswell GPU, booted fine every time tried

9. Removed WX4100 and replaced with NVidia Quadro400, booted fine every time tried


For what it's worth the latest drivers are installed and Window10 also has most recent updates.


This all lead me to conclude that it must indeed be an issue with the WX4100, but I wondered if there's something stupid that I've missed or if anyone else has come across a problem like this before?


As a bit of a side note, I have been able to boot the computer occasionally (but not consistently) by powering off PSU and holding reset&PowerON whilst switching the PSU back on again, however the next cold boot fails.


Any help with this is very welcome. Thanks in advance.