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RAIDXpert2 - Background Array Scan

Question asked by mudkips on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by tived

I'm trying to troubleshoot a system, and I don't believe the RAID array is an issue, but I want to rule everything out.


I've already done a consistency check (which took about 18 hours).

I'm now running a "background array scan", and it's been about a week.  There's no progress indicator of the task, only a log entry for when it started.


RAIDXpert2 reports a consistent disk throughput of 2.1 MB/sec.  For two 8TB drives, that will take about 3 months.


Does anyone know what a "background array scan" actually does?  The manual doesn't actually explain it.  If the consistency check does everything the background array scan does, then I can skip this and save a lot of time.


Does anyone know if it should be reporting status / progress?  The RAIDXpert2 UI doesn't indicate that it's running anywhere except the menu where you can start it.  The "Stop" option is available, and the "Start" option is not, so I assume it's still running.