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How much RAM?

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by hardcoregames™

I have more RAM than 98% of Steam users. The price of DDR4-3200 has fallen considerably.  So having 32 GB for me is increasingly mainstream. I can install 128 GB of RAM before I need a new BIOS. I figure 32 GB eliminates the swap file wear and tear. 


World+dog know the new console has 16 GB so this is not a problem. Even my RX 480 could do 16GB had that density of memory been less expensive.


Speculation on Ryzen 4000 range from September to November for a launch. Then I saw some Asian site speculate that Ryzen 4000 is made on the TSMC N5 line.


So the question is not so much the current consoles, the PC is often far beyond. The only thing hindering a mass 8K migration is the lack of real bandwidth for RBG10 4:4:4 video quality needs a bit more than double DisplayPort 2.0 speeds.


DDR4 bandwidth is still a lot slower than CPU internal memory. L3 cache sizes have not grown as much as CPU complexity has changed with more SSE registers and register names.


4K is where gaming is at so 32GB seems natural with 8GB class video cards. I do not have any workstation video cards so I cannot judge gaming.