Far Cry 5 black screen

Discussion created by accn on May 29, 2020

Today launched a free weekend Far Cry 5, and I decided to play. During the first launch, I got a black screen right in the main menu. After rebooting, I set the default wattman settings and again got a black screen after a minute of being in the main menu. During the third reboot, I set the default values in the BIOS, removing the OC of the cpu and memory. The same result, a black screen after a few minutes in the menu. After the fourth reboot, I decided to try to disable the uplay overlay, and miraculously, the game stopped hanging my pc. I was even able to run the in-game benchmark several times.

So I have a question. Is it okay that adrenalin overlay conflicts with uplay overlay in this way? Has anyone encountered similar problems, possibly with other overlays, and how did you manage to fix this?


windows 10 pro 2004

adrenalin 20.5.1

ryzen 5 2600

16gb ddr4 3000MHz

asus prime b350m-a

rx 5700 ref

be quiet 700w PSU