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Ryzen 2700x ram crash in slot 1 and 3 over 2933MHz

Question asked by philown on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by elstaci



So here is my config:

Ryzen 2700x 



- 2x8 GO 3200 MHz 

- 2x8 GO 3600 MHz 


So what happens is either if I take 3200 or 3600 I can run them just fine in slot 2 and 4 in my MOB without any issue and their rated speed with a A-XMP profile. But, if I install my ram in slot 1 and 3 it can only be run at 2933MHz with either 2x8 3200 or 2x8 3600 (at 2933mhz like I said). I just can't get why these two slot are causing such issues. 


Now what I know: 

It's not the MOB it is rated to run at that speed with that RAM that is allll good. Good to mention that I also had a ASUS B450M GAMING PLUS before I thought it was MOB for sure so I bought this new one... and I still got the same issue so this is something else. 


This issue is also preventing me from running all 4 sticks at 3200MHz. If I want to run all 4 it has to be at 2133MHz (DDR4 base speed). 


So now what's wrong with what I'm doing.... please help me had this issue for now a year (since I bought the CPU).



Drivers are up to date

Freshly installed windows 10 (up to date) 

BIOS is up to date

Chipset driver is of course up to date 

Voltage of DRAM is at 1.35 V I even went up to 1.45 without any results, I also changed the mem controller voltage a little bit

I used DRAM calculator without any success with fast and safe option

I swapped each stick in each slot on each MOB even lost skin on my hands in the process did it so many times

I did MEMTEST86 4 times 4 pass it's all good. 

CPU is not overclocked 



Thank you