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Problem with bios Sabertooth 990 FX

Question asked by siwyck on May 28, 2020

Hello. I have problem with my bios on Asus Sabertooth 990 FX.
Can you help me, bause i cant see to my disc on BIOS.

Bios updated to the latest version 1604 2012/10/24
I bought the disk DISK
Unfortunately, the disc does not have an M.2 socket, but I bought an adapter Adapter
I plugged into the PCI-e 16 x4 slot and unfortunately the bios doesn't detect the disk
Please help what to upload and how to put the WIn 10 Pro system on this disk
PS. The disk in Windows is active and flashes, but as in the topic bios does not detect it
best regards and thank you for any help