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Ryzen way too hot?

Question asked by h_barkas on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 31, 2020 by mccharle

Hi There,


My Ryzen 7 3700 seems to get very hot very quick. Just to test it, i startet Ryzen Master right after i just booted the pc, and it is already at 45 Celcius. I Played "The Witcher 3" jesterday and hat constant temperaturs above 80, in the yellows.


Now i tried limiting the CPU to 3.600 Ghz, but had to to a cmos reset today, because it would not boot again. I however feel that it is a bit weird that the CPU seems overclocked to 4,4.400 by default.


I also have the feeling that the fan control might be a bit off. It starts to become loud once at starting, but after that, it is practically unhearable, even when the CPU has 85 Celcius. Shouldn't it kick in than to cool it down? I am using the boxed cooler from AMD.


I am a bit concerned, what can i do?


Best Regards and thanks for the answers.