MSI R9 270X black screen

Discussion created by avnrv on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2020 by nokiangage

After a recent Windows 10 update I encountered the notorious "black screen" problem. I get it every time Windows starts before the login prompt. I tried the fresh installation of Windows, manually updating drivers from the safe mode (with and without Factory reset checked), nothing helped. Yesterday's 20.4.2 drivers just don't work, the black screen appears in the middle of installation, like it happens for drivers from Windows update.
Here is my system:
- ASUS Z87-K motherboard (BIOS v1402)
- Intel Core i7-4770 CPU
- 16 GB of RAM
- MSI Radeon R9 270X obviously
- DELL P2415Q - 3840x2160 (60 Hz)
Earlier I also had problems with the card: random glitches and artifacts, but none of them completely disable my PC.
Please, advice. This is the first time drivers behave so badly for me. Also it's the first time I had to reinstall Windows 10 (doesn't help though) I guess, I should go mainstream and use NVidia.