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Radeon software causing flickering video?

Question asked by jaws on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 31, 2020 by jaws

I have been troubleshooting a horribly annoying issue of the last week. 
We were watching Netflix, and suddenly the video started flickering. It's been fine all year, and it just suddenly started happening. 


The sudden appearance made me believe it was hardware related. So I was worried my GPU was running too hot, or was just plain dying. But the problem did not appear in other browsers. (We watch netflix in Edge due to the hdr support and image scaling). 


I am watching on an 86" 120hz tv. No trouble until this sudden appearance. 
After some driver and windows updates, I reinstalled Win10 64bit, from scratch. Everything was fine. 
Until I installed the official AMD driver software package. Flickering returned. Uninstall AMD Software. No more flickering. 


But I'd really like to have the software installed, so can someone tell me what's causing this? 
I've tried disabling overlays. And fiddled with all monitor and scaling settings. (it's scaling to 4k). 
But none seem to have any serious impact on the stuttering. 
It can be recreated every time, though. By uninstalling and reinstalling the AMD Software package.