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Problem New rx570 sapphire pulse 8gb constantly windows reboot

Question asked by yulian131313 on May 27, 2020

Very good afternoon, dear. I will comment on a strange problem that I have. Yesterday I received my dedicated board, the sapphire Pulse rx570 8gb that I bought to replace the integrated one of my Ryzen 3200g. The situation is that when installing it and entering my recently installed windows 10 pro OS there didn't seem to be any problem. When proceeding to download the latest drivers for the card, the PC was restarted and I thought it was normal because Windows would be accommodating resolution issues, however when arriving at the OS home screen (where the name of the PC appears and says loading) the PC it starts to restart constantly until windows directly sends me to the problems screen to start where you can choose the troubleshooter, the cmd window, etc. I tell them that I have already written to the seller so that they can take care of this problem, but I find it so strange that I would like to know their opinion regarding the possible factors that are giving rise to this problem. My pc has a mother gigabyte B450M S2H, Two 4Gb Ballistix 2400 Hz ram modules, Ryzen 3200G, and power supply thermaltake tr2 600w.

I would appreciate any comment or help

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