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Radeon software won't work with SnagIt

Question asked by on May 27, 2020
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Picked up an XFX 5700 XT card a couple of days ago. Here's the problem I've had and what I discovered so far:


Problem: SnagIt hangs after capturing video and shows a message "processing video". See attachment.


Cause: Radeon Software. How do I know? As soon as I uninstall the softward, Snagit starts to work as it's supposed to. But I need the software installed. Without it, my XP Pen drawing board won't work. I've tried two different versions of the software and the results were the same.


To summarize, if I install Radeon software, then SnagIt won't work. If I uninstall the Radeon software, then XP Pen 15.6 Pro drawing pad won't work. Before installing the 5700 xt card, both SnagIt and XP Pen drawing pad worked perfectly on a different graphics card.


So anyone knows anything about this? Solution?


Thanks in advance!