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3900x crash reboots when rendering or performing intense tasks

Question asked by eamonjun on May 26, 2020
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I've been encountering issues when it comes to rendering a video in handbrake, premier pro or when something spikes the cpu to 100%. It then crash reboots with no BSOD.


I'm running stock with no OC


AMD 3900x

Asus ROG Hero VIII X570

Corsair Vegence RGB 3000mhz 32gb (4 sticks)

Nvidia 2080 Founders Edition

950 pro nvme ssd 512gb

EVGA 850P2 850w PSU

Z63 NZXT watercooler 280mm


I have memtest the RAM in the system and its 100% fine, tried another psu and thats fine. Also a fresh install of windows. Only thing I can narrow it down to is CPU or Motherboard.


When I first had the cpu it was hot out of the box and kept hitting the temp fresh-hold. My initial  first thought was that there could be a temp problem so I bought a new AIO cooler which reduced the temps quite significantly.

I then carried on with my renders and yet the issue still exists. CPU at 100% has temps around 71-75 but yet it still crash reboots with no bsod.


Not sure if I received a bad cpu but I did get it from amazon in which I'm able to exchange or refund.

I will probably go down this route and get the same cpu and see what happens.