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dual rx580

Question asked by crazycol on May 25, 2020

Dual RX580 8GB Cards.

Dual Xeon CPU


Windows 10 Professional


I have a HP Dual Xeon Workstation z80 and I took the 2 NVIDIA cards out and put in two RX580 cards. They are not linked and run as individually. The issue I have is that I am not getting my second monitor to display anything. They both show up in the Computer properties so windows see both of them. I have taken each card out and tested each one individually and it works and it is not the 2nd video slot as I can plug in one of the Radeon Cards and one of the NVIDIA Cards and I get the second display to work with no issues. I can also plug in the 2 NVIDIA cards and they both work so I know it is not the slots, the cards or the monitors. That is not what I want to run though as I just want to run the to RTX Cards.


Has anyone had this issue before and if you have what did you do to fix it?