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RX480 random black screen crash

Question asked by williamgaatjes on May 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by williamgaatjes

Hello all, i have had a pretty stable system for some time now :


Ryzen 2600. RX480 8GB GFX card. 16GB DDR4 ram on a AB350M board.


Bios P5.40.


Everything has been stable since day one.


But i bought rage 2 some time ago. And it ran fine. I still had the drivers with the old radeon settings program version 18 or 19. And it worked fine. Never had a random black screen issue.


I looked at the amd site and noticed there was a newer driver (20 something) promising performance enhancements and also the new radeon settings program.  I installed that driver and program. I noticed my performance dropped in half. But i also got a weird thing that i thought was related to rage 2. But it was not rage 2 as it turns out, that is the problem.  Anyway, i completely uninstalled the newer drivers and installed the older drivers again it was 18 or 19 something. I did not think to write that down because i though later on i screwed up my windows 10 home 1903 installation. But the strange thing is that ever since i installed that 20 version driver with the new radeon settings program, i ever since have had these gpu shutting down issues.What is also the case, is that the radeon settings program always seem to crash because all settings are reverted back to default every time the gpu shutting down to a black screen.


And every time only a hard reset helps.


Also, this random black screen may present itself on the login screen, during being completely idle, during browsing, during typing text in a text editor, while running a virtual machine. It is completely random. It may not present itself for days. And then suddenly it happens once every day for 2 or 3 days in a row.


What i did was the following, i completely wiped my old installation and installed a fresh new windows 10 1909 this time. It seemed to work fine with the on board windows drivers. But then i installed the lastest amd rx gpu drivers again with the new radeon settings program and within 15 minutes a crash. Something is going horribly wrong with that new radeon settings program interacting with the driver.


I hope this helps AMD in finding the issue, it is not power related or power supply related. Because the system runs fine with benchmarking. And the issue happens randomly. I have also turned off power savings for the monitor and this did not help either.


Key board keys are sometimes still functional. num lock, scroll lock and caps lock but not every time. SOmetimes, the system is dead and will not reboot even on it's own. I need to hard reset with the reset button.


This may be that the gfx card no longer recognizes the monitor for some reason and then not providing a signal. I remember vaguely this was also an issue in the past. When the issue occurs again, i will see what happens when i turn on the tv that is also connected to the pc. See if that helps.


I will also check if the fans are still spinning, because for to rule that out, that that is the issue (not spinning up in time), i have turned off 0rpm mode.


To see if that helps.


I noticed some strange sound coming from the fans from time to time.


Must be a clue somewhere.


Is there any news already about these random black screen issues. Because it is obvious it is not just limited to RX 5700X models.