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RX550 Blur after changing back windows resolution

Question asked by wereborg on May 25, 2020

hi. This is maybe stupid question and mistake.

so, i just change windows resolution from the recomended to higher, but since i doesn't like it, i change it back to recomended one. Now after i return it, i got error code from radeon and then the monitor get a little blurry, its still same whichever resolution i changed it back. so far i have tried changing resolution and scale, checking monitor cable, uninstalling adrenaline, and then tried reinstalling again, but nothing works


here is the error code

RadeonSoftware.exe - Application Error

The instruction at 0x00007ff7a57c5bf referenced memory at 0x00000000000000070. the memory could not be read


Please tell me how to fix this 

thanks before