RX 5700 XT Random Black Screens When Gaming

Discussion created by luj on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by landolf

So there was already a thread on this, but it says to have the 20.4.2 driver installed, which is already the case for my pc. And this keeps happening. Brand new build, very frustrating. My CPU is i7, and motherboard aorus z390. Kinda sad to spend 700$ on a graphic card and have this type of problem 1st week.  I use 2 Dell monitor, 1st one is 25 alienware amd free sync and 2nd one is 27 Dell. I use 1st one as main. AMD can you fix your card please? This is infuriating, and pretty much happens every day. I have to reset my PC each time that happens...