Can I Install drivers from site despite having Radeon Software?

Discussion created by loam12 on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by aguywithashortusername

1) I have Radeon Software but I was having problems updating my drivers. My update would go straight to 100% and then the update would not happen at all. I solved this by just going on the website and downloading the drivers from there. Is this in any way problematic if I have Radeon Software?


2) I was planning on using DDU to wipe my old drivers from my PC, I recently started playing GTA and have been getting low fps and fps spikes,especially in the city, I have noticed that MSI Afterburner shows that my GPU usage jumps a lot, not something new, always happens to me. Due to this I would like to completely wipe my old drivers from my PC. Now, instead of using DDU, could i just reinstall the drivers that I already have (without uninstalling current drivers), but this time use the 'Factory Reset' to wipe out my old drivers? (Does Factory Reset wipe old drivers, like DDU software, when updating my drivers?)