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Rx 570 lag and stutter

Question asked by jeriboam on May 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 24, 2020 by eliveltonz

I bought a rx 570 for 600 dollars at best buy for some reason has never worked good at all 

I have tried everything imaginable with no luck. was thinking about An AMD processor

 But if it is of the same quality as this is  I think ill stay with my i7.

Any help would be appreciated I got 1 piece of advice from forum did not help.

I have never been able to contact AMD direct i feel thats how they want it.

      I have been gaming for 30 years. My first amd card was awesome  I guess they dont really care they 

got there money So its back to Nvidea for me. Any help would be great im about ready to just throw this card in the trash

Thanks ,  Mark M Klein

P.s. im attaching a dxdiag copy dont know if that will help or not.