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RX580 driver crashes

Question asked by shagrat31 on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by shagrat31

Several months ago I upgraded to Adrenaline 2020 and since then my screen just randomly freezes, gets black and then reappears. It does so during the most mundane tasks like browsing files in Windows Explorer. After every such event there is a message in the Log viewer: Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered. 


Before I upgraded, I was only playing Doom (2016) with no problems. I upgraded to 2020 to solve issues with Jedi Fallen Order, but it didn't help, so I gave up. However, when I go back to play Doom, there are visual artefacts all around the screen and the game freezes usually just a few seconds into gameplay. I also get visual artefacts editing photos using Paint or Photos app. The artefacts are small flashing rectangles in fixed spots. In Doom they are all around the place sometimes with red flares around them. Interestingly they do not appear in screenshots I take (I managed to screentshot them in menu only), but they persist in the edited photos (green/cyan/white rectangles in the attachments).


So naturally I tried to downgrade my version. I went back to several versions of 19.X and landed on 18.12, but the problem didnt go away. I installed only the driver, not the settings app, to rule it out, and used the AMD Clean utility. I am sure I had a 19.X previously and everything was fine, the glitches, artefacts and crashes only appeared with 20.X version and they don't go away even if I downgrade. Is it possible 20.X damaged my card in some way?


Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700


Memory: 16GB

Card: ASRock Radeon Phantom Gaming D RX580 8G OC, I didn't even touch any OC settings and turned off everything I could in Wattman

Power supply: 450 W, a bit less, but there is nothing else to draw power (I only use SSDs) and it was OK previously with this supply

System: Win10 64bit

Current driver version: 25.20.15003.5010