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I lost audio after updating the display driver

Question asked by fabledloon on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on May 24, 2020 by fabledloon

In a recent search for new drivers for my card, I was advised to install Adrenalin 2020. After all, new software and up to date drivers can only make things better, right? If only.


During the installation, I noticed my sound icon said that I'd lost my sound, but it came back again so I took no notice of it - until the first time I heard the awful tinny sound my computer now produces. Rather than using my speakers (3.5mm connection to the jack port behind my PC) with the onboard sound drivers, it seems the update has decided to use the woeful, despicable built-in speakers on my monitor, running AMD's drivers.


I've been to my sound control panel in an attempt to re-select my speakers, but lo they are nowhere to be seen. The realtek drivers in device manager also seem to have disappeared, replaced with AMD's, and leaving no sign of my speakers anywhere to be found. I have tried installing new devices in device manager, but they don't show. I've looked through my playback devices in sound settings (yes, even those hidden by 'disconnected' or 'disabled') and they still don't show. I've even been to my bios and checked for the onboard sound system, to check it's enabled. It is. Yet I still cannot connect to the speakers that until this update worked perfectly every single time.


Needless to say this is putting me off ever going near anything AMD ever again at this point, but if anyone can provide an answer for me to get my sound quality back, I would be grateful for anything you have.