Low frame rates AMD RX 590

Discussion created by lolop93 on May 24, 2020
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I recently bought the RX 590 and before that I had the r9 290. Since I put it on sometimes randomly they give me FPS drops from 90 fps to 2 fps or even 1 (also slowed down the mouse cursor). It lasts a few seconds (15 seconds approx) in which the power of the GPU drops to less than 50W and the GPU utilization to 0%. Then it returns to normal, all with the use of the GPU at 100% all the time and temperatures of 80º in games like Apex Legends that should not have problems. The processor is a Fx 8350 and the motherboard is an ASRock 970 Extreme 3 with 16 GB of RAM, NOX Urano 850W source and SSD hard drive. Before this did not happen to me with the old graph and I would like to know if it is from the CPU or that the graph is in bad condition.