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Radeon R7 260x windows 10 crashing/bluesreens

Question asked by c.roberts on May 24, 2020

So I have a Raden R7 260x graphics card and a (GPU) (Motherboard) a few months ago I was still using windows 7 and started experiencing near constant freezes and bluescreens, I was suffering from the windows error which caused my windows copy to not be seen as genuine thus preventing some updates, I eventually found a way past this and upgraded to windows 10 hoping this would fix the constant freezes however it has not and the problem only seems to have gotten worse, I believe ive narrowed down the crashes to the graphics card driver as when i run it in safe mode i experience no crashes at all. I have tried upgrading the driver to the most recent Adrenaline version to no avail and I have tried downloading legacy drivers to no avail, furthermore i attempted a clean install of the graphics card driver using both the AMD cleanup tool and the DDU to no avail. As well as this I have tried SFC and other memory tools which inform me that there are no corrupted files. This error is incredibly annoying as i essentially cant use my PC to play games that I was able to play perfectly fine a few months previously. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks