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Can't install any drivers

Question asked by zirnitra1248 on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by kenster199

I was trying to update drivers and it kept freezing. Figured I was due for a system refresh so I did a clean windows install, I now cannot get ANY drivers to install.


I'm using a Radeon VII.  In every instance, the installer progress bar either gets about 7/8ths of the way across in the "detecting hardware" screen, or gets to the  "checking for new drivers" screen (depending on the version) and then the entire system freezes.




-Installing in safe mode

-running DDU, then installing

-Running windows update, then installing

-doing ANOTHER clean install with no internet connection (so no windows update, no auto-installed drivers), -transferring the drivers to the PC via USB, and then installing

-Swapping the Radeon VII for a Vega 56 and then installing

-Installing the version 19 WHQL drivers from either 12/19 or 10/19 instead

-Installing the newest drivers

-Installing the 3/5 WHQL drivers

-Installing the Radeon Pro enterprise drivers


My system

Processor: Intel 9900k

MB Asrock Taichi Z390 Ultimate

Memory: 64GB Gskill 3200

AX 1600i PSU


This system was stable for a year, now nothing works.