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Will the next 5600xt driver fix the BSOD video failure?

Question asked by watever on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by watever

When are 5600xt driver going to work or is it suppose to be fixed ?

I just purchased a gygabyte 5600 xt oc because I wanted to uipgrade from my gtx 980 and I have a new monitor that support freesync.

But disapointed in crashing all the time. BSOD - Video failure 116


I installed the latest driver for the card, for the motherboard, the adrenaline software 20.2 and 20.4.

Keept crashing. Removed adrenaline and installed drive alone like some suggested.

Seems to be a little bit better but will crash often. Sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes can last hours.

It took me 5 try to report the issue to amd because I kept having the BSOD.


Wondering if I return the card and use my gtx or bnuy another nvidia.

I just not sure AMD GPU driver will ever be fixed.


Some people says it's suppose to have been fixed. So is it me doing something wrong or bad card or something else ?