Vega vs RDNA

Discussion created by truth on May 22, 2020
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Why does my vega vii look so much better with colors,, are you using a color compression with rdna because when I put 5700 xt LISA  addition the colors do not look right ,, I change this I change that I just can not get the colors on RDNA to look like the VEGA VII card.  I Have 2 Vega VII ,1 5700xt 2 Vega 64 ,,, and the colors look better on vega anyways I am so not liking the colors on the 5700 that I had to switch back to Vega ,, if this is a color compression thing MY GOD please make a High end card that does like zero compression because the colors everything looks SO MUCH BETTER , ya also the cores on the vega get to hot because there to close together you need more silicon thicker walls and the thing would SCREAM.  any ways this is a message for people that work at AMD ,, I would like a real answer, about the colors ,, and no I am not a noob I about computers I AJUSTED everything and could not get the same sweet color depth I do with vega so please if you could ,, are you compression colors to save time with FPS, and if so please don't do this in HIGH END I want RAW DATA SCREAMING so I can tell everyone that has a NV card there colors look like @#$% , ya I got 10 fps less but the picture is so beautiful,, that's what I would do if I could not bet the fps game!! Just saying GO TEAM RED ,,, and NO TO COMPRESSION omg gross