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RX 580 Not Displaying When Attached to HDTV

Question asked by trustedinsci on May 22, 2020

I just installed a new RX 580 (8gb) card. After getting past the initial boot screen, I see the Windows loading symbol, then it flashes and goes black when connected to my TV which I use as my monitor.


I know that it can display on the T, because when I first installed the card it was running on the TV over HDMI for several minutes. I went in to adjust the resolution settings, and as soon as I clicked an option, it went black. I hooked it up to an old monitor that I have (HDMI to VGA) and it works fine. I undid all changes, but it still will not display on the TV.


I have also attempted numerous restarts, and adjusting settings, but nothing has worked as of yet.


I also just encountered an issue when swapping HDMI cables around to try to get it working where it would no longer display on the good monitor until I restarted again. Am I looking at a bad card here?


Monitor that works: LG Flatron e2411

TV that I need to work: Phillips 42" HDTV


OS: Windows 10 64-bit

MB: Intel DH67BL

CPU: Intel i5-3570K 3.40 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

PSU: RG630-S12 630W RT

Old GPU that worked with this setup: MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti