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Radeon Software overlay crashes my games

Question asked by torrasque on May 22, 2020

So after trying dozens of different fixes from updating my drivers, wiping my drivers and reinstalling them, changing registry keys, tweaking in game settings, etc. I think I've finally realized what is causing my games to crash, specifically FFXIV. It's the Desktop Overlay.


I have it disabled in the settings, have disabled it in the registry, force closed it in task manager, and even killed every radeon software process in my task manager, but it still turns on whenever it wants. It causes my screen to flicker periodically and at weird times, it'll cause dx11 to crash which causes FFXIV to crash. I know it's not an FFXIV problem because my whole computer locks up for a few seconds, sound from different apps stops as well, and when I check my task manager, there is the stupid overlay, taunting me.


Is there a way I can completely 100% fool-proof disable the overlay? Everything I have tried hasn't worked, changing the hotkeys to [none] doesn't help, changing it to some weird hotkey like ctrl+shift+alt+del doesn't work, I never even use the cursed overlay, so I'd like it of my games properly ran.


I'm a few crashes away from completely uninstalling radeon everything and finding some other driver to run, even if I have to get a completely different GPU for it.


Not that it matters, but I'm running version 20.4.2, the version that explicitly said they fixed the thing causing my crashes, and my GPU is an RX 590.