ADL questions.

Discussion created by kdschlosser on May 22, 2020
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I have a few questions regarding the ADL.


I have ported all of the ADL to Python and I am now in the process of creating an easy to use interface to access the settings and information the ADL provides. This interface is going to be a series of classes that represent groupings of ADL functions.


So there is a main class for the adapter. each adapter in the system will be represented by it's own adapter class instance.

through the adapter class instance a user will be able to get an array of connector class instances. each connector class instance represents a single physical connector on the adapter. From there a user can get an array of supported connector type class instances for each connector. What I am having trouble with is identifying what display is attached to what connector. I cannot seem to locate any function that makes this link.


I have tried ADL2_Adapter_BoardLayout_Get hoping that ADLConnectorInfo.iConnectorId might be something that can be used and I have not found a display function that would provide a matching integer. ADL2_Adapter_ConnectionState_Get can fetch the displayId if one is attached but that function always returns ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED.


The description of ADLConnectorInfo.iConnectorId is "used for display identification" and I am not sure how it is used for this purpose. I am also not sure why I am getting the not supported error, I am running the latest driver version. There are other functions that also kick back that they are not supported as well I do not remember what they are off the top of my head I would have to go and check. Also I am not sure as to why my video card does not support EDID management. It is an R7 so I would imagine that it is new enough to support EDID. I have tried to get available EDID data and it returns nothing.



any help would be appreciated.