Clear CMOS Problem X370 , B350 , X470 , B450 , X570 , B550

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Clear CMOS Problem X370 , B350 , X470 , B450 , X570 , B550


- The cause in which clear CMOS fails -
A turbo boost of Ryzen 2700X is set as 4.3GHz. But when using 4.2GHz, more than 1.40 V is needed.
When it was an error using Ryzen, BIOS tries to set CMOS as default.
When starting, the problem tries to start by 4.2GHz of Ryzen 2700X or 4.0GHz by all CPU.
” This is the pressure of Intel. ”
Ryzen BIOS have the problem that clear CMOS fails from BIOS of Ryzen 1000 series.


- Avoidance method -
BIOS of a Ryzen series uses established CPU clock and CPU voltage in taking.
When establishing the numerical value of the CPU clock, start failure can be evaded.
When making the CPU clock AUTO, after Ryzen made an error, it can't start any more by the motherboard.


- The cause lacking in the voltage -
The voltage of the CPU core will be the numerical value which reduced the numerical value of Offset from Vcore.
An offset of 0,10V is set as an X model of Ryzen compulsorily.
An offset of 0,0375V is set as a normal model of Ryzen compulsorily.
When setting of default was 4.0GHz, it can't start because it's lacking in the voltage.
When setting of default was 4.2Ghz, it's always lacking in the voltage, so it can't start.
” This is the pressure of Intel. ”


That the thing as which a turbo boost of AMD is set subject to the 1.45V and the CPU clock by which AMD is an exception are indicated on a specification seat and that Offset is too high in voltage
You abused the 3 points by the pressure of Intel.
The computer which could be used, it's impossible to use it, doing is prohibited by law.
It's possible to do a class suit.


- The Way to Clear CMOS -
1. A pin of clear CMOS is turned on.
2. A battery is removed.
3 After turning off PSU, the electric power of the motherboard is OFF by a power supply button.
4. After removing a battery, connect battery outer case.
5 It's left.


Anyway unless CMOS volatilizes, CMOS isn't reset.
Other plan to avoid is only the model who cuts it with a BIOS update only by a motherboard.
When doing a BIOS update only by a motherboard, please remove everything of CPU, RAM, VGA, SATA, NVMe, USB and Fan.
CPU 8 pin, 24 pin uses only PSU .