Error when trying to update my Radeon RX 460 graphics

Discussion created by brenes11 on May 21, 2020

Hello, everyone. 


A few days ago I was trying to update my drivers to the version. 20.2.2 I have a Radeon RX 460 graphic on my computer. I downloaded the drivers and installed them, but, when I restarted my PC I noticed that It's been installed the drivers for the Radeon RX 560 graphic card and I made sure they were the correct drivers. then I tried to use the Auto-Detect and Install Radeon Grphics Drivers for Windows and happened the same thing, it detects that I have the Radeon RX 560 graphics 


(I leave here more specifications):

- Microsoft Windows 10 Home x64

- Dell inspiron 5576 

- Processor AMD FX-9830P RADEON R7