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B550 Lifespan/Support?

Question asked by savvra on May 21, 2020
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I'm currently rocking an i5-8600k (6 cores, no hyperthreading) and am interested in switching my rig over to AMD. Strictly speaking, I don't *NEED* to join the red team - just find the increased performance too tantalising to pass up.


I've halfway decided to purchase a B550 motherboard paired with a Zen 3 CPU as soon as they're both available. My only concern is how long these boards will be supported.


I initially assumed that they would have a roadmap of 3 years the same way the initial wave of Ryzen compatible boards did, but a cursory Google search hasn't provided any proof of this. Given the current situation regarding B450 and Zen 3, I'm not exactly filled with confidence...


Can someone point me to some reliable information regarding the lifespan of these boards? Personally I'd much prefer to wait for a generation that offers a definitive upgrade path, especially considering that my ASUS Z370 not having one is the reason I haven't upgraded sooner.