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RX 580 8gb XFX OC edition Black screen issue

Question asked by asfand on May 20, 2020

Hello guys, 


A new member here, don't know any rules if I'm breaking them so my bad.


Recently bought a used build (in my country it is too common) and was bored so thought yeah lets spend some cash to play some good high end games on a budgeted build


Intel i5, 3570 (stock)

Asus B75 mobo

12GB ram

XFX Rx580 8gb OC edition

PSU 700w

Monitor Dell ST2320L (running at 1080p)


Now it has been around 3 weeks and the GPU in various conditions in IDLE (as in working emails, browsing the web) or gaming flickers a black screen and then suddenly pops a no hdmi signal. This happens for about 3-5 seconds and the things get back to normal, when the screen goes black I can hear the youtube sounds/gaming sounds that everything is working nice. The temps on the afterburner in idle are 36C and in gaming varies and goes upto 75C depending on how heavy graphic input does the game require. I've seen various fixes on youtube regarding changing monitor hz, wattman settings or disabling freesync but nothing works, HDMI cable is okay too because I run the same HDMI with my PS4 on the same monitor, not fiddling with the voltage settings as I might exchange it with a 1070 which is my last hope with some adjustable amount i've to bear which seems right because this problem is real cringy.  I've even changed the same card with an other unit and it is doing the same but as for the local tech guy from whom i bought says that the card has been working in perfect conditions at our end with no fault. I don't know what to do and I would require your help

The tech guy is saying there is a problem with the board which maybe thinking to change that too, but is there any permanent fix which AMD might've had released which i cant find, or some drivers that are perfect. 

Btw I dont know if the bios is updated or not because I haven't looked into that. 


Your feedback will be appreciated.