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Please, who can help. AMD help. Bug driver 5500XT

Question asked by nelegal7 on May 20, 2020
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Please help me!! I have a problem with my 5500XT.
I do not have drivers installed. When installing the driver, a black screen appears. It is rare that drivers are installed. But after a reboot, the operating system freezes on the Windows 10 logo.
To fix the hang you have to remove the driver in safe mode. Rearranged in another slot, in the BIOS set the version of PCI 3.0.
On 4 computers, I set the video card to a result of 50 to 50. In 50% of cases, the video card worked fine. In the remaining 50%, it worked the same as on my PC.
On my computer I changed the power supply, changed the hard drive, from 2 RAM slots. I tried to find a broken one, since I thought that one could fail.
I began to sin on the monitor. But I took another monitor, and it also does not work with it.
I tried on different versions of drivers. And so I have been sitting for 4 months. Since when I bought a graphics card from your company.
And this is from the very beginning of the purchase of the entire system. But on Nvidia's graphics cards, everything works fine. And yes, I have all the drivers from Nvidia removed. I reinstalled the operating system about 30 times probably. I also tried installing on Ubuntu, after rebooting the same story. The black screen also hangs. I can even shoot a video about this error. If you do not quite understand me.

AMD driver Bug(there is no decision) - YouTube 

My PC:

Ryzen 5 2600 stock

Asus Strix B450-f gaming BIOS v3003

Kingston HyperX 16 GB HX434C16FB3AK2/16

Crucial MX500 1TB M.2

Seasonic Focus 1000w Gold

MSI MECH 5500XT 4gb