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Denoising on KeyShot and Tensor cores

Question asked by jigzaw on May 19, 2020

This is more of a FYI.

This is to  point out Tensor cores (Nvidia mixed precision compute branding as I did a search on it) do for denoising. This is a topic over GPU denoising using Nvidia hardware on KeyShot 9. The denoising feature is really a must, it also demonstrated that other than Nvidia solution can take advantage of. The entry level 5500XT did a good job on the Contemporary Bathroom Interior for my budget. I wasn't able to test it with my WX4100 as I didn't know that feature before on KS9 when I replaced it with the current 5500XT.

Below is 3700x CPU rendering and note the time

KeyShot9.3 Contemporary Bathroom Interior with 3700X CPU

This with CPU plus GPU effects enabled

With GPU effects enabled

Giving credit on how the 5500XT delivers.