alpha transparency in Blender versions and RPR denoiser question

Discussion created by jl5086 on May 19, 2020
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Just a few recent questions,


1) I tried the Ryzen test render on my MacOS, in Blender 2.82 stable and the transparency of the red/orange ring texture did not work, the background of it was completely black. So after messing with it for quite some time, I tried it with a daily build version of 2.83, and the transparency works fine, then I tried the 2.90, and same thing no transparency, just black background.  So then out of curiosity I tried in windows on a different machine, and it's the same thing, out of all the versions, 2.81, 2.82, 3.83. and 2.90, only in version 2.83 does the transparency work.  All versions have ProRender v2.3.35. 


2) Does the RPR denoiser not work at all on MacOS? I ask because when that same Ryzen test scene is rendered on the Mac, it looked great, but then on the PC it was just terrible after denoising.  So after looking around it seemed that the RPR Denoiser setting in the view layers tab was enabled in this scene, and there is also a denoising node setup in the compositor.  On the PC it seems that these are as expected, 2 seperate denoisers, so after turning off the RPR denoise option, it made the render look much nicer, just like the one on the Mac, but it was still being denoised in the compositor to make up for the low samples.  I don't know if it was just because it was denoising twice, but the RPR denoiser really destroyed the result when it was on.  Now on the Mac it also had the node in the compositor, and the setting in layers tab, but unlike the PC, the Mac just says "denoiser activated in compositor" under the check box for RPR Denoise, with no other settings like the PC has.  It doesn't seem to change anything, whether that RPR Denoise box is checked, or not.  Basically I am wondering whether the RPR denoise even works on MacOS, and am I right to be assuming that the denoise node in the compositor is completely seperate from RPR all together?


All versions EXCEPT 2.83 render transparency as black (seems the alpha out of the image texture isn't working)This is with just RPR denoise, (but same with RPR+compositor denoise node)This is with only compositor denoise node in Windows, (also looks the same as compositor denoise + RPR Denoise on MacOS) https://easyupload.io/1xke6k