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RX580 144hz static white screen

Question asked by danwilko on May 19, 2020



Just today purchased my first AMD card. Uninstalled old GPU using DDU. Installed the RX580 but I'm only able to use it with HDMI, and not DVI. 


When I plug in DVI, I get the Windows logo on boot, then a white static screen.


How can I fix this? Not seeing any fixes anywhere on the forum.


I have a BENQ XL2411T monitor. Let me know if you need anymore info.


System info:

- i5 3570k CPU

- Asus Arex RX 580 8GB GPU w/ latest driver

- Asus P8Z77-V LX Board

- Benq XL2411T monitor


Edit: DVI worked at 60hz. Just not 144hz. I've been reading online about rolling back drivers to get 144hz working. Any suggestions or fixes?


Edit #2: Managed to get DVI working, but only when HDMI is plugged in too. My PC thinks I have a dual screen set up. Soon as I unplug the HDMI, I get the static white screen again.