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Can AMD give us a feature/guide to have smooth & tearless 30FPS or half-refresh Enhanced Sync?

Question asked by hitbm47 on May 19, 2020
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Radeon Chill has great input-response, but I would just like to report, here as well, that it breaks/disables momentarily in quite a few games when looking at less demanding areas, thus causing game physics to break as well. In addition, when paired with Enhanced Sync it causes loading screens to go in the 2000FPS range, where I think FRTC used to help in setting a cap at screen Refresh rate.


Furthermore, when trying to achieve a nice 30FPS gaming experience by setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 30FPS, it stutters for 2-3 frames out of 30 frames in some games when using VSync and only works better with a FreeSync that supports Low Framerate Compensation.


Is this because Chill seems to deliver it on a average of 33.1ms, 33.2ms in most games instead of 33.3ms? My guess is that it tries to make response as quick as possible, but this negatively impacts the visual experience quite a bit.


I have just tested Nvidia's new MaxFPS setting and it definitely seems to provide visually smoother 30FPS with very much the same input response as Radeon Chill at a more consistent 33.3ms with almost no stutters.

In addition, I couldn't see screen tearing when combining Nvidia's Fast Sync with their MaxFPS, whereas Enhanced Sync tears quite often with Chill at 30FPS.


I would just like to know if you could help us with a guide or a feature to experience proper stable console like 30FPS for some games? It might seem silly, but 30FPS really makes some slower paced games with a gamepad like assassin's creed, Alien: Isolation, Hitman: Absolution, etc. seem more graphically impressive or cinematic, especially; for example, when wind blows trough bushes etc.


Hope you can give some insight and if half-refresh rate VSync is required with a 30FPS lock as well.


Kind regards